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Join the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation by sponsoring a Rung of Hope.

Each year, thousands of children receive traumatic burns throughout the USA. In Las Vegas alone, the scars caused by burns affect hundreds of our kids each year. These scars must be worn physically and emotionally for the remainder of their lives. The Burn Survivor Initiative (BSI) raises funds to help more children attend seasonal burn camps, receive counseling, attend school reintegration programs and begin living their lives again. In addition to the BSI the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation also partner with the American Red Cross to help residents of Southern Nevada who are victims of home fires. As well as provide support to victims of a catastrophic event, including assisting with funeral costs.

Currently in Southern Nevada the highest truck ladder is 107 feet tall with 107 rungs to reach the top. We are asking you to sponsor a rung on our virtual ladder of hope. Proceeds will help fund the Burn Foundation’s initiatives. 

The rungs 1-100 have been given the same dollar value and each rung is up for sponsorship.

For example, rung number 50 is for sale for $50.  If the rung you want isn't there,  it is taken.

That's it! Now go sponsor a rung of hope and help us provide some hope and healing to the burn survivors of Southern Nevada. 

Rungs 101-107 are higher levels of sponsorship. If you are interested in a higher level of sponsorship that is already taken, please contact Candice Donate to discuss a future partnership. 

Thank you for sponsoring a Rung of Hope! 

Rung of Hope Sponsors

Thank you to the following Rungs of Hope Sponsors!


  • Andres & Alise Garate Family 
  • Annette Logan
  • Brendan Chesser
  • Benson Family
  • Brieanna Ellis
  • Captain Nate Pechacek 
  • Cariazo & Switzler Family
  • Chris Stachyra 
  • Clark County Fire Department 16-1
  • Deborah Stott
  • Donat Family
  • Erlantz Muguira 
  • Galloways 
  • Garrett Dodrill 95 FF 
  • Greg Sibley
  • Harrison Lee
  • Henderson Fire Academy 45 
  • Henderson Fire Depart Recruit Class 44 
  • Henderson Firehouse 83A
  • In Honor of Rylie Golgart and all Route 91 Survivors & Victims - by HFD EMS & Training Divisions and CCFD Station 11A
  • In honor of Sam Henning - Route 91 survivor 
  • In the name of Rylie Golgart 
  • Jo O'Rourke
  • Jordan Vivone 
  • Josephine Cheung
  • Keith Armington
  • Kelly Bonham
  • Linda Stockton - GIS Tech For LVFR, CCFD & NLVFD
  • LVFR Beautiful Firehouse 10 
  • LVFR Station 45 
  • Mary Martinat
  • NLVFD Class 16-01 "just cuz"
  • NNSS Fire Rescue 
  • O'Keefe Family
  • Rachel McNaughton
  • Shackley Family
  • Steve Smith
  • The Nardi twins 
  • Vanessa Farmer 
  • Vitality Medical & Wellness Center
  • Waxed702 
  • Wheeler Family
  • Wiercinski